The fees: Fees are charged at £30.00 per hour, sessions vary in length.

With an addition for travel if beyond 2 miles. There are extra costs incurred for test materials where a child is preparing for Entance Exams.
Preference : I prefer to be paid monthly in advance, by cheque, cash or direct debit. Some parents prefer to pay for a ten week block

* I work independently, therefore sessions during the school holidays are no different to sessions during the school term.
.. There is no difference in price during and between terms and therefore all sessions are subject to a flat fee of £30.

A session will be arranged to suit you and your child, and parents or guardians are welcome to stay in the study with the child
during their lesson. Alternatively, a comfortable waiting area is also available where a parent might choose to read or do some
paperwork etc. while the lesson is taking place. Where a child is tutored in their own home an extra £5 is charged.

Where a session is cancelled, the normal charge is incurred to keep the child's appointment time open throughout the booking period.

I will provide the basic essentials such as books, paper, pencils, mathematical instruments,
worksheets and other relevant learning materials.
You are asked to provide an A4 ring binder / folder and where appropriate, Entrance Exam test papers.
All children are given suitable homework to extend their learning .

Patricia Alexander MA.Ed MA.PS. - Educator/ Tutor

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